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Rape and sexual violence occur in all societies, and cut across all social classes. Prevalence estimates of rape victimisation range between 6 and 59% of women having experienced sexual abuse from their husbands or boyfriends in their lifetime.

For a the girl child


Rescue Girl Child International is an independent charity Christian Organization formed out of a vision aiming at restoring physically and psychologically traumatised girls to their full God given potential.
  • RAPE
  • victims of torture


Hospitals for treatment and psychological support of affected girls.



Accommodation and psychosocial support to girls without home or the abandoned.



Vocational schools or institutions for knowledge and skills development for school dropouts and those who never had the opportunity to go to school.


Using a variety of educational approaches to build knowledge, skills, and self-confidence in the girl child victim.

Spiritual nurturing

Church and evangelism ministry for spiritual nurturing and deliverance based on the Holy Scriptures.

Community Advocacy

Legal support and advocacy for girl victims of rape, forced and early marriages.

We Are Committed To Reach Out To Any Girl Child Victim.

How Effective Is RGCI?

A large number of girls under go very early marriages and early pregnancies due to sexual violence. This makes them to become spiritually hand caped and can not attain their full God given potential and also very often they suffer abuse at the hands of their husbands and other family members.
2000 Per Year

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Promote more cohesive considerate with equal rights for handicapped girls

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She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself.


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There are many victims we have rescued for the LORD. These are some of them.


Name : Nalumansi Sandra

Age: 17yrs

District: Luwero

Village: Kimwanyi

Status: single, but has got a child (boy of 1 ½ yrs.)

Her story:

In 2018 Jan, she was impregnated by that man and he abandoned her even his parents refused that the pregnancy was not for their son. However, the incident happened when she was in primary five (5) . Yet her mother had put much hope in her that she would help in future in case she finished her education. She was so much traumatized by the rejection of the pregnancy by the parents of the boy.

After her delivery at her mother’s home, her mother only tried to pay for her fees up to primary seven (7) and after that, the mother couldn’t afford secondary school because she is a widow.

Never the less, after her delivery the parents of the boy went for DNA test and was confirmed the child belong to them but then they could not help her with the child, it is only the poor mother who is currently taking great care of the daughter and the kid. Currently, Sandra has got nothing to do since the father died and there is no one to help her getting better life. She hopes to get something to do in future especially going for vocational training school.